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New two-track single out

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Artwokr for Commuterpop "121212"

You can never guess what’s in the picture!

Following my date tradition, I follow up the singles “101010” and “111111” today with “121212

The track “121212” (Click the triangle to listen) is a upbeat, funky song with horns, hammond and swingy percussion on a solid bass drum bed.

Actually the beginning of the song saw the daylight a couple of years ago, and enhanched with some rearanging tips from my extremely multitalended brother in law Carl Arsenic

Nobody said its gonna be easy (Click the triangle to listen) is a path I will discover more, somewhere in the borderlands between cinematic music and experimental.
The title refers to the listening experience of the song…. 🙂

If you prefer to download both, with cover art included, as a zip file you can do it by following this link.

Complete package

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