What is…?

Commuterpop is your friend on your way to and from work.

Commuterpop is a one person project with several collaboration ideas.

Commuterpop is also a music style; the best way to avoid categorization is to create one! 🙂

Uplifting and rich on drums and percussion as well as playful instrumentation, without being too intrusive.
Imaginive to give you a chance to wake up in your own tempo,together with the cup of yours.

It’s supposed to give you energy and at least a little smile (the style is quite tounge in cheek) to start you up for the day, and also give you a recharge on your way home, so you don’t arrive exhausted.

A blend between different kind of electronic music (New romance, IDM, electropop, perhaps a drop of EBM), with jazz, chill/lounge mixed up with some latin rythms and rock.

Commuterpop has been making music on spare time since around the year 2000, and has finally started to release some of it here.

Expect moore to come every now and then. To be shure to not miss anything, sign up fot the newsletter to the right! Given the time it takes for me to release new material, you can be sure not to get a full inbox… 🙂
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