The Challenge

As easy as it is today, anybody can pile 40 channels or more onto their songs, making todays computer power and the huge pletoria of software heaven for every musician and producer.

However, sometimes the challenge lies in some limitations to enhance your creative process. Probably you heard of Peter Schmidt and Brian Enos deck of cards, “Oblique Strategies“, wich is one way to push your creativity into new directions.

One easy way is however to limit the amount of channels or instruments you’re going to use in a project.
This is how “the Challenge” was born.
It was between Out Of Focus, Carl Arsenic and me.

The Challenge was to make a song with at most three instruments and five drum sounds. OOF also wanted a song track; as a result you can hear me “sing” for the first time…oh, well.

After the challenge was set I realised that Carl had and huge advantage, with his history in several renowned punk bands… so here we are, after one thing and another finally you are agle to enjoy the results, all three in different styles.

You have links to OOF and Carls songs  above, here you have my contribution: one original version, and one produced by Assemblage 23/Tom Shear.

Listen, download, enjoy and comment!




4 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. We will of course admit our defeat in this challenge as the three songs are impossible to compare. There can’t be a winner. possibly three glorius losers 🙂

  2. You are the musical master of us the Calle, no doubt!

    Well, I’ll really try to accelerate my production rate, and also try to avoid things that delays rhe process…

    Happy new year!

  3. Very impressive. I admit defeat to both of you. Next time (because there will be one, right?), I will try to something more synth based to make it easier to compare, but that will be a tough challenge with masters like you two to get up against. Maybe recruit a few more if you can? And have a had deadline so we’ll have to publish whatever we have on that given date, good or bad?

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