Mixes of Out Of Focus out!

I had the great honour to mix and remix of Out Of Focus‘ song “Värdighet” (“Dignity” in Swedish – they also have a lot of songs in english, so check them out!).

First, we mixed the original version, totally separate from each other, with very different result as you can hear. A practical lesson in how much the mixing process and different mixing engineers can influence a piece.

Then I couldn’t resist to make some more, so the result was “Värdighet – andra låten på B-sidanmix” (second song on the B-side mix).

Also a pleasure to do and, as those remembering physical records,  those B-side songs or remixes could be quite freely arranged or really out there, so hence the name, and – as you can guess – I did it quite in a spontaneous way.
I highly recommend it to you music makers out there, as it gives you a feeling of total freedom! 🙂

Also, there is a dance remix on the way…expect more news soon.
EDIT: I forgot to post it, you can listen/download the dance mix here.


Out Of Focus is two very talented musicians who has worked together since the 80s, and it was a real pleasure to do this with them. Their style could  perhaps be described as pop in 80’s arrangements but modern sounds, and the lyrics… are they dark humour or unhappiness for real?



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